Enter for a chance to win a Samsung ViewFinity S9 5K smart monitor for your home office

In working for the blog, I’ve read many, many reviews of computer monitors and, if I’m being honest, they all eventually sort of blend into each other and it’s hard to tell what sets each apart from the rest. But while working on publishing its review, the Samsung ViewFinity S9 monitor stood out to me. It has 5K resolution, an included HD webcam, and lots of thoughtful and useful features added for users. Find out what makes this monitor a hit in my book and enter for a chance to win it.

Given that it costs as much as a high-end TV, I would definitely expect a lot from the ViewFinity S9 monitor. And it delivers. This monitor is designed to be at the centre of your workspace while taking up as little space as possible. It has a beautiful, sleek look and can be wall or arm mounted to still be accessible but free up some desk space. It comes with a 4K webcam for all your video calls or vlog recording too! The 27-inch display may seem small to some, but is really the perfect size to be unobtrusive while still giving you plenty of real estate to pour over long Excel sheets or refine that tricky curve of the new art piece you’ve been working on.

The display features of the S9 perfectly lend themselves to creative tasks and long hours looking at detailed documents. If you read through Chris’s honest review of the monitor, you’ll learn that the S9 has a multitude of display features, key of which is the impressive 5K resolution. 5K means over 14 million pixels, which is ideal for those who need (more than) ultra-high definition and clarity for video editing, graphic design, and gaming. For ease, the monitor can be height adjusted via the stand as well as tilted up and down to get the optimal viewing angle, and can also be pivoted to 90 degrees for those times when a vertical view is more useful. Two additional features I like the most are the Eye Care technology and matte display, which is very important for making sure your eyes aren’t constantly fighting glare and getting easily strained.

Like many, I am an early October baby, with a birthday that’s just a few days before Thanksgiving. So for me, there’s usually a lot to look forward to in October as fall moves toward the cold, cold holidays—a quick weekend away, cozy days sipping on hot chocolate, and horror movie nights to watch spooky stuff around Halloween. I know if I were to win the ViewFinity S9 it would not only be a fantastic birthday gift but I would be very thankful to have a high quality screen from which to independently stream YouTube or any other video content. You don’t need to be connected to a computer, or speakers either. It’s also possible to play games without a console with the Samsung Gaming Hub! Some Fall Guys perhaps? Haha. Now, playing games wirelessly on a monitor with a 60Hz refresh rate is not going to give you the optimal gaming experience that a competitive player might want, but for the casual gamer, the S9 will be more than good enough.

While gaming or watching a cheesy horror flick, you can also change the smart lights in your room to set the mood with Samsung’s SmartThings app. This monitor is able to control any compatible smart home devices in your home for you, so you don’t even have to get up from your chair to turn your oven off when the turkey is done cooking! Sadly, though this monitor can do many things, it can’t actually take the turkey out of the oven for you.


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